Tokyoshack’s 1st life trial – credit card fraud 🙁

Well to start, I didn’t think that the first blog post will be something negative….We know we don’t have the best looking website or the most user friendly site ( we are working on this >.< ). Anyway, what happen was at the beginning of 2018, there is a spike in our sales. We sold a few units of expensive item and got a few special orders for japan limited items which cost a few thousand dollars. All was good until a week back where all the payment was disputed by the real credit card owner 😔. As a small business we use payment processor like PayPal and Stripe to process our online payment.
No issues with PayPal as they are doing a great job but with stripe is a completely different story. They approve the payment even there’s a sign of it being fraudulent and reverse the payment a month later. By that time we already lost the item, money plus have to pay a hefty chargeback fee for accepting the payment.
For some a few thousand dollars is just pocket change but for us it almost cost us our whole business . For this reason from today onwards we only accept payment by PayPal or processed by PayPal and this site will be change to a personal shopper service instead of being an online store. But don’t worry, we will still keep on selling at a reasonable price as we will move our inventory to our ebay store. You can find us on eBay under the name tokyoshack.