What is domestic shipping fee?

It’s a fee charge by local online store to deliver item(s) to our office. The fee varies by shipping company used and location of the seller. We will inform you the amount before finalizing any purchase.

Is it possible to cancel bid on yahoo auction?

Cancellation is not possible as this is the rule by yahoo auction.

What if I change my mind after winning an auction and decided not to complete the purchase?

In this case, initial deposit will be forfeited, the item won will be re-auction. If there is any difference in the selling price customer will be invoiced and required to settle the difference. If the item was sold higher than the initial purchase price, we will refund the difference or keep it as credit for future purchase use.

What about shipping size and weight?

The maximum length of the box that can be sent by EMS is 1.5m. The maximum Weight that can be shipped by EMS is 30 kg. With Fedex we can ship items over 30 kg. Limits are all different depending on the country but we could also use Freight Shipping. In any case please contact us.

Where can I track my shipment?